Our Sponsors:


Classy Glass & Awards is a company based in Gloucestershire specialising in engraved glass and awards. They are also professional trophy and commercial engravers and we are very pleased that they provided the trophies for 2017's International Match and National Championships.


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Total Contact Equine Solutions make the innovative Total Contact Saddle which some of our members are using for horseback archery. The Total Contact Saddle was designed to give the closest possible contact with the horse whilst keeping the security of stirrups. The minimalist design strips away unnecessary padding, tree, cantle and pommel to deliver direct communication between horse and rider. The rider can now really feel the horse – often for the first time – and, as importantly, the horse can feel the rider.


Positive Impact 2

Positive Impact delivers bespoke adventures for organisations through Activity Infusion, designed to help develop leadership and management skills through focused, adventure-based activities.

They also provide various adventure activities for individuals, groups and families, stag and hen parties, children’s parties and corporate / charity events. From traditional archery to more testing rockclimbing or kayaking, they have an adventure to suit everyone!


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SpinPin was designed not only to stay in both straw and foam bosses much better than any other pin, but also so they could be put in and taken out with the greatest of ease, just a few twists and you’re done.

SpinPin was also designed for any age or ability – ideal for schools, the elderly, and disabled archers.



If you are interested in sponsoring one of our competitions or the BHAA as a whole please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.