BHAA Ground Postal matches

The BHAA has recently introduced these matches for unmounted archery and they run for two months. Details of the current match and how to enter can be found here.


IHAA Postal Matches


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Postal competitions are ideal for our sport: even within our own countries we are spread out and only a fortunate few are able to travel abroad to compete in person with foreign friends. The IHAA has been running postal matches on canter tracks for 4 years and hundreds of people from all over the world have been involved; they are now introducing international walk and trot postal matches.

With these postal matches you can compete at home or in your local club, on a familiar horse, and at the time of your choosing.We welcome participation from everyone; from beginners to masters, regardless of school or affiliation. There are no prizes and people are not judgmental. Let’s all just have fun shooting together!



For details of the current walk/trot match, click here


For details of the current canter match, click here