Emily Massey

I am a BHAA qualified Advanced Coach as well as a Nèmethy Academy certified Horseback Archery Trainer, based in the North West of England, covering...

 Freelance Coach /  Cumbria / Popular

Kelly Ude-Martinez

Taught by qualified and experienced horseback archery instructors, you will first learn to use your bow from the ground learning to nock and shoot your...

  • Are horses available for hire?: Yes

 Affiliated Schools /  Warwickshire

Rebecca Sweetman

London Horseback Archers is a work in progress. Today the active horseback archers in London train ground archery regularly at 2020 Archery in Bermondsey (www.2020archery.co.uk)...

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: Becca Sweetman

 Clubs /  Greater London


Founded in 2015, Cotteswold Mounted Archers is a small group of horseback archers in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire who get together regularly to train and...

 Clubs /  Gloucestershire

Emily Massey

A brand new club in County Durham, bringing the fantastic sport of Horseback Archery to the North East of England. Club sessions held monthly at...

 Clubs /  Durham

Simon Harding

I am an BHAA Advanced Coach, with my own insurance, first aid & advanced DBS.  I can teach anyone who can provide a horse, either...

 Freelance Coach /  Suffolk

Michael Ruby

I am an Advanced Coach for horse archery,  based in Wiltshire.  I have represented Britain at Olympic (Target) archery, and now at horse archery, and...

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: Michael Ruby

 Freelance Coach /  Wiltshire

John Goodwin

In the tradition of horse archers in history we are a nomadic group, living all over the country but with our spiritual home on Dartmoor....

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: John Goodwin

 Clubs /  England

Katie Phillips

A newly established club operating in Essex under International representative head coach Katie Phillips. All are welcome to join regardless if you've never shot a...

 Clubs /  Essex

Caitlin Donovan

Based in Suffolk, we’re a small group of enthusiastic equestrians, who thoroughly enjoy learning more about the history and cultural significance of horseback archery; whilst...

 Clubs /  Suffolk

Katie Phillips

New freelance coach based in Essex. Fully insured, First Aid and DBS/Safeguarding certified. Can teach anyone on their own horses at majority of venues with...

 Freelance Coach /  England

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