Freelance Coach

The BHAA accredits freelance coaches to teach horseback archery. They have the necessary qualifications, insurance, DBS checks, risk assessments and first aid certificates. Many operate independent Horse Archery coaching sessions and are happy to travel to teach you horseback archery.

Emily Massey

I am a BHAA qualified Advanced Coach as well as a Nèmethy Academy certified Horseback Archery Trainer, based in the North West of England, covering...

 Freelance Coach /  Cumbria / Popular

Simon Harding

I am an BHAA Advanced Coach, with my own insurance, first aid & advanced DBS.  I can teach anyone who can provide a horse, either...

 Freelance Coach /  Suffolk

Michael Ruby

I am an Advanced Coach for horse archery,  based in Wiltshire.  I have represented Britain at Olympic (Target) archery, and now at horse archery, and...

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: Michael Ruby

 Freelance Coach /  Wiltshire

Hazel Curtis

I'm a BHAA qualified Intermediate Coach based in Edinburgh and I offer individual, pair and small group coaching at Oxenfoord Livery Yard during clinics or...

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: Hazel Curtis

 Freelance Coach /  Scotland

Lauran Evans

Hi, I'm the freelance Horseback Archery coach for South of Scotland. I offer group clinics at a number of locations, Private Tuition, Summer Camps or...

 Freelance Coach /  Dumfries and Galloway

Katie Phillips

New freelance coach based in Essex. Fully insured, First Aid and DBS/Safeguarding certified. Can teach anyone on their own horses at majority of venues with...

 Freelance Coach /  England

Alex Austin

Freelance Intermediate Horseback Archery Coach with over ten years experience in horseback archery. Alex gained her club coach qualification in 2017 and went on to...

 Freelance Coach /  Wales

fiona hunt

Based in South East Wales, covering Wales and The West Counties

  • Are horses available for hire?: No
  • Coach Name: Fiona Hunt

 Freelance Coach /  UK

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