BHAA MEMBERS – Personal Liability Insurance:

  • As of 1st April 2021 BHAA membership includes Personal Liability insurance up to £2m
    • Cover is for both ground and mounted training
    • Cover is provided for the Member no matter what horse they are riding (e.g. own, borrowed, rented, from a private individual or riding school)
    • Cover will apply for all events (training sessions & competitions) in the UK that are run by the BHAA, BHAA Club, BHAA School or by a BHAA qualified Coach or RSO
    • Cover will apply for all events (training sessions & competitions) internationally as long as they are organised by a riding school or horseback archery club that is affiliated to a recognised national governing body
    • Cover will apply for all independent training as long as:
      • Members have their Club Horseback Archer qualification (or higher)
      • Members are either riding at an approved BHAA training venue with a risk assessment already in place OR have completed a risk assessment for their venue

Coaches & RSOs using the BHAA’s Public Liability policy

  • The BHAA provides Public Liability insurance for coaches & RSOs to run horseback archery training sessions for members of the BHAA
  • The insurance covers a specified number of individuals per year, although we can pay for extra. It is important that a Coach or RSO ensures that they are on the BHAA’s list of insured individuals before they start to run sessions.
  • The insurance covers a specified number of sessions per year, although we can pay for top ups, so it is important that all sessions that are run under the insurance are tracked:
    • One session can be up to one full day of training; it can include training with different groups of people over the course of that day
    • A session can include a small, Club level competition e.g. postal match or inter-club competition events
  • To support the cost of the insurance policy the BHAA asks for a contribution of £10/session
  • If you plan on hosting a competition with competitors from multiple Clubs, advertising (i.e. you’re promoting the day as a Competition) and spectators then we need to take out separate insurance.

    Current insured Coaches & RSOs
    Alex Austin (Coach)
    Helen Barnes (Coach)
    Kate Blinston (RSO) – with alternative first aid provision in place until personally qualified
    Hazel Curtis (Coach)
    John Goodwin (Coach)
    Simon Harding (Coach)
    Claire Hall (Coach)
    Ros Jones (Coach)
    Emily Massey (Coach)
    Bethany Martin (Coach)
    Michael Ruby (Coach)
    Claire Sawyer (Coach) – with alternative first aid provision in place until personally qualified
    Nic West (Coach)
    Robbyn Wilmot (Coach)

    For more information on the insurance policy for Coaches & RSOs please see this Insurance FAQ document. For any questions, please contact Becca Sweetman:

Other insurance information

Accident insurance policy
If you have either a Personal or Equine accident insurance policy then do check that it covers horseback archery

Travel insurance
If you’re travelling outside of the UK for horseback archery, whether training or competitions, then it’s your responsibility to take out appropriate travel insurance. At the time of writing (Feb 2022) the BHAA are aware of 2 policies that will cover horseback archery, although it is your responsibility to check that any policy covers your specific needs:

1) Campbell Irvine have said that they can cover horseback archery (including competitions, jumps & riding bareback). This policy requires a 50% premium to their online prices, bringing the cost, for individuals under the age of 66 to:
·  Europe, unlimited number of trips up to 31 days any one trip – £86.26
·  Worldwide, unlimited number of trips up to 70 days any one trip – £228.00
Please contact Clive Parish on 020 7368 1147 to take out this policy.

2) Sports Cover Direct: they list horseback archery as one of the options when you take out a policy and they include competitions. You can either take out a normal single trip / multi trip policy or purchase activity top up insurance. At the time of writing the annual policy is £350-450.

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