Guidelines for participation in walk/trot postal matches


Just one entry per person per class please. You must be a BHAA member or riding at a BHAA affiliated school in order to participate


You should nominate your attempt in advance, no having another go if you don't like your score!

Whether you shoot better or worse than normal please do still send in your score. We always have a wide range of scores and everybody has good days and bad days.


All club captains running postal matches should please ensure everyone realises they are shooting a competition score before commencing.


In order to participate you must be shooting a bow that is not centreshot & does not have a shelf or rest on which you can rest an arrow.


Club captains should return scores (a list of names and score accompanied by a scan/photo of your completed scoresheets to us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible and no later than the submission deadline)

The scoresheet is available to download here.

Please indicate your class and whether disabled (d) or on a lead-rein (lr) on your scoresheet.


The course will be run on a 30 metre course. You may warm up your horse, without shooting, as much as necessary. One practice run with shooting is permitted before starting to score.


This is a 6 run match and should run in the order on the scoresheet and ideally be completed in a single session


FITA80 target faces should be used