Track required: 30m track 2-4m wide, designed to fit in a 40m long arena.


Equipment required: 3 targets with FITA80 target faces.



  • 6 runs in total: 3 runs of the straight-target track and 3 runs of the angled-target track.
  • Targets are set back 7m from the edge of the demarcated run.
  • FITA80 target faces. 5 zone scoring.
  • Arrows may be carried in the hand or a quiver. You may have an arrow nocked when entering the run.
  • Arrows may be shot only when the horsearcher is within the 30m demarcated run.
  • A helper may walk with or lead the horse as required.
  • No timing.

For classes 1-3:

  • Try to stay in walk, but no penalty for trotting by accident.
  • Disqualification on that run if you stop while in the run and use this time to nock or shoot. If you horse halts you must put your immediate and full attention into walking again.

For class 4:

  • Try to stay in trot, but no penalty for cantering by accident.
  • Disqualifiaction on that run if you nock or shoot while at walk, if you drop down into walk you must put your immediate and full attention into trotting again.


  • On the straight-target track you may shoot only 1 arrow at each target.
  • On the angled-target track unlimited numbers of arrows may be shot, the best 2 hits on each target will score. 


  •  5 zone scoring: 1-5 pts.
  •  3 bonus points are awarded if a rider scores on all 3 targets.
  •  No time constraints/points.


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