International Postal Match  -  Korean 90m 1-2-3 event  -  Rules


1.  The Korean Style

The Korean Style event shall consist of six runs down a 90m track, split between three disciplines (2 runs at single shot, 2 runs at double shot and 2 runs at triple shot).  The competitor’s score for the event shall be the total of the scores for the competitor’s six runs.


2.  General Rules

2.1  Arrows must be individually drawn from the belt or from a quiver or arrow case, which must be attached to the competitor’s hip, waist, thigh or back.  It must not be attached to any other part of the body. 
Arrows may not be carried in the hand.

2.2   Competitors must not touch their arrows until they have passed the start line, on the single and double shot. 
If the competitor touches the arrow before if they have passed the start line, they shall score no points for the first arrow loosed at a target on that run, although they may score with any subsequent arrows loosed on the same run. 

2.2.1                   The competitor shall be deemed to have crossed the start line when the rider’s body crosses the line, not when the horse does so.

2.2.2                   A judge shall be positioned at the start line to judge whether a competitor has drawn early.

2.2.3                   The benefit of the doubt shall be given to the competitor if the judge is unsure. 

2.2.4                   You cannot get around this penalty by loosing the offending arrow into the ground and drawing another. There will be no score for the first arrow shot at a target.

2.3   Only one arrow may be loosed per target. 

2.4   Targets shall be set 7m from the edge of the track.  The centre of the target shall be no higher than 90cm above the level of the track (ie. on level ground don’t raise the target up by more than 50cm) and the targets shall be positioned at an angle so that the face is perpendicular to an archer in the saddle.

2.5   A standard FITA80 target face should be used,
ie a round target with a diameter of 80cm, divided into 5 concentric circular zones of diameters 14cm, 28cm, 42cm, 56cm and 80cm. 

The target zones shall score, from inner to outer:
5pts, 4pts, 3pts, 2pts and 1pt respectively. 


2.6   All runs must be completed at canter or gallop. 

2.7   The track should be demarcated (by fencing or surface type) and 2-4m wide


3.  Time Allowed

3.1   The time allowed for each run is 14.00 seconds for a 90m track. 
Points shall be awarded or deducted for completing a run in less or more than this time: 1 point per second, calculated to two decimal places.

3.1.1        3.1.1 Maximum speed points =  5 (for completing the run in 9s or quicker). 
             No further points are gained for going faster than 90m in 9.00 seconds.

3.1.2        3.1.2 No speed points are gained at 14.00s for the 90m track

3.1.3        3.1.3 Slower than 14s points are lost at 1 point per sec (ie 15.50s = -1.5points).
             It is possible to lose all the points gained on a run for going slowly but you cannot end a run with negative points due to a very slow speed

3.2   Points are only awarded for time if the competitor hits (and scores) on least one target. 
If no targets are hit then the run scores 0, regardless of time taken.

3.3   Times should be measured between the start gate (0m) and the finish gate (90m) with either electronic timing gates (if available) or a stopwatch with helpers by the start and finish indicating when the competitor has passed through

3.4   Enough space should be provided before the start and beyond the finish gate that competitors can ride the course at an even speed without needing to speed up or slow down the horses too abruptly.               


4.  The Single Shot Discipline

4.1   90m long track. 

4.2   The target should be placed halfway down the track, positioned for a sideways shot from an archer who is 45m along the track.

4.3   You should not touch your arrows before passing through the start gate


5.  The Double Shot Discipline

5.1   90m long track. 

5.2   The first target shall be positioned 40m along the track and shall be angled for a shot from an archer who is 25m along the track.

5.3   The second target shall be positioned 50m along the track and shall be angled for a shot from an archer who is 65m along the track.

5.4   You should not touch your arrows before passing through the start gate


6.  The Serial Shot Discipline – Triple Shot

6.1   90m long track

6.2   Three targets shall be positioned for sideways shots at distances of 15m, 45m and 75m along the track.

6.3   In the triple shot discipline competitors may start with an arrow nocked.  The remaining arrows must be drawn from a belt or quiver as usual.

6.4   Three bonus points shall be awarded for any run in which the competitor hits (and scores) on all three targets, provided that they complete that run in 14.00 seconds or less. 


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** Just one entry / pre-nominated attempt at this per person, please.

     Unless you are shooting different bow types ie. you can submit a score shot with a horsebow and one with a longbow, for example.

** Please include the age of any juniors (U18) competing when the scores are returned