Reading International Solidarity Centre
35-39 London Street
t: (0118) 9586 692
President        Neil Payne
Chairman        Dan Sawyer
Secretary        Jehad Shamis
Treasurer        Claire Sawyer 
Membership secretary      Claire Sawyer
Newsletter editor        Rick Lippiett (with assistance from other committee members)
Youth rep          Anna Folwell
Media & Sponsorship       Damian Stenson & Neil Payne
Demos       Zana Greenwood
Webmaster         Richard Rowland
Competitions subcommittee          Neil, Claire, Dan, Zana, Michele, Julie Ward
Member without portfolio       Michele Freedman
2. Discuss President/Patron acquisition & who are honorary vice-
-  President/Patron - discussed, letters to be written
- The list of hon Vice Presidents needs to be uploaded to the website
3. Publicity
- Fliers: these were discussed and we intend to produce some.
- Shows/demonstrations were discussed.
4. Training / courses
- We are making enquiries with foreign instructors to come and run training courses. 
- The proposed date is 18th-19th August 2012.
Zana has the land for a Polish style cross-country course in future but a cross-country day is
a work in progress due to lack of horses.
5. Regional groups
- there was discussion of regional (e.g. SE / SW / N) groups to facilitate members getting
together for training & socials. This can be arranged through Facebook.
6. Competitions:
- BHAA Championships : 29-30th September 2012 at the Centre of Horseback Combat in Shrewsbury.
- Regional Challenge (with emphasis on training & development as each region will have experienced & novice competitors together in the same team) : this can be combined
with the BHAA Championships.
- International invitational matches - possibly 2 each year, invite a certain country. For small countries consider 3 way match 2 of x + 2 of y + 4 of us? 
There will be only one match in 2012. It will be 30th June - 1st July at the Centre of Horseback Combat.
- There will be an open day at the Centre of Horseback Combat, to include a free competition and a demonstration. This will be 28th-29th April 2012.
- There may be a joint day with the British Tentpegging Association on 1st-2nd September 2012.
7. Sponsorship
- for BHAA champs
- for regional challenge
- international series
Damian and Neil will take over the sponsorship side of things. A sponsorship pack needs to be put together including a video and pictures.
8. Newsletter
Rick to continue with Newsletter with more support from the group in terms of preparing
articles making it as easy as possible for Rick to work his magic.
9. Membership
- Members will now receive a plastic membership card on first joining. This is not replaced
annually but remains in force. 
- Members will also receive a BHAA bumper sticker on first joining.
10. Showreel
- We will produce a showreel and photos. This will be filmed on 30th April 2012, the day after the open day at the Centre of Horseback Combat.
11. Associations with other organisations
- Claire has approached the British Tentpegging Association about a joint weekend (demo & have a go) and will liaise with them.
- We have had an invitation to a joint BTA/BHAA comp hosted by Jenna Copley at her property. 
12. Accounts
- CVS advised of total in bank and in/out goings
- We would like to purchase some items, including timing gates, a PA system, target faces and medals. Prices are being investigated.
- Any event to which the BHAA attaches its name must be fully insured.
- Privately run courses don’t need to be insured
- BHAA members can attend non-BHAA run events but the BHAA will not get involved.
- The BHAA website will carry a notice of our official policy that we strongly advise members to have personal injury insurance whenever they take part in horseback archery, just as recommend but do not require riding hats.
- There was discussion of the website and Facebook. No particular decisions were made.
15. Any other business