Centaurs Mounted Martial Sports Club


This club has been conceived with the aim of getting together those who are enjoying different mounted martial sports such as horseback archery and tentpegging. The sports are very similar; the enjoyment of working together with your horse, the challenge of achieving a precise and repeatable technique and the focus of aiming at a target.

In summary: we all enjoy riding fast horses wielding pointy weapons. Let's meet up, have fun and share our passion with anyone who's keen to join us.


We hope to organise a day for peggers to try horseback archery and horseback archers to try tentpegging in the spring, followed by a competition during the summer / early autumn where everyone will compete in both sports. If successful we'll make this an annual event.
Details of events will be emailed to members and posted both here and on the Centaurs' FB page.


The club plans to affiliate to both the BHAA and BTA and to follow the rules of both. Members from both the UK and abroad are welcomed.

To join please email Claire Sawyer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). There is no cost for membership.


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