The Tuba Horseback Archery Club

Neil Payne and Jehad Shamis

The Tuba Horseback Archery Club is run by Neil Payne and Jehad Shamis. The club operates from two locations - Somerset and South London. All horseback archery is carried out in Somerset whereas only techniques, exercises and training to aid horseback archery take place in London.

Neil and Jehad are students of Christian Schrade of the Steppenreiter in Germany.

Both are GNAS qualified archery instructors and Neil has coached horseback archery at an international level.

The club is able to cater for all levels from beginners upwards. Although the club is very much interested and engaged with the horseback archery traditions of the Turks, Persians and Arabs it also caters for those wanting a more modern style and approach.

Training takes place once a month in Somerset and once a week (Sunday) in Croydon. If you are interested in learning at the Tuba Club then please contact Neil on 07973 764666. He can then walk you through the upcoming dates, procedures and associated costs.

jJehad Shamis carrying the flag


Who can learn?
There is no point in lying...horseback archery is not initially easy. You need to be able to ride a horse well, use a bow and arrow, knock arrows and of course hit the target. It takes time and effort to reach any decent level. People need to be prepared for this. Anyone can essentially learn and at the club all levels are catered for including complete novices.

How does it work?
If you decide to learn with Tuba then you simply join the BHAA and the contact the club to start lessons. Initial lessons (whether in Croydon or Somerset) can be more about archery technique rather than horses. Once and if you are a competent rider then you can join the lessons proper in Somerset.

Do I need equipment?
The simple answer is 'yes'. For initial lessons archery and equestrian equipment is provided. Once a student decides to take the sport seriously they must buy their own bows, arrows, quiver, and any other equipment needed. The club can advise on issues such as good quality bows, poundage, draw length (for arrows), etc. Generally horse riding equipment is not needed.