1.     Name – the name of the Organisation shall be The British Horseback Archery Association (Hereinafter called “the Organisation”)



2.     Addressthe postal address of the Organisation is that of the current Secretary or of the current Chairman if the post of Secretary is vacant.


3.     Object – the objects for which the Organisation is established are:


1.     To promote the sport of horseback archery in the UK (and abroad)


2.     To signpost new entrants to affiliated clubs for training


3.     To officiate competitions within the UK


4.     To support any UK teams attending competitions abroad


In furtherance of the above objects, the Organisation shall have the following powers:


3.1.      To encourage and promote participation in the activities of the Organisation by individuals and other Organisations concerned with the sport


3.2.    To invest the monies of the Organisation not immediately required for its purposes in such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit


3.3.    To do all other lawful things necessary to carry out the objects of the Organisation providing always that:


3.3.1.  In raising funds for its objects the Organisation shall not undertake any permanent trading activities


3.3.2.  The income and property of the Organisation shall be used only to promote the objects of the Organisation as described in this Constitution



4.     Dissolution– if upon the winding up of the Organisation there remains after the payment of all debts and liabilities any funds or properties whatsoever, they shall not be distributed among the members of the Organisation, but shall be transferred to some other entity having similar objects to the Organisation.




5.     Amendments – the Organisation’s constitution may only be amended at a General Meeting of the Organisation.