BHAA newsletter, The Parthian Shot

PS1: The Scythians, the Battle of Jaxartes, Riding bareback, Making arrows, Choosing a saddle for mounted archery, competition write-up

PS2: The Parthians (and the parthian shot), the Battle of Carrhae, Choosing the right bow, review of hba courses

PS3: The Huns and Sarmatians, the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, review of the Kaya bow, Making a thumbring, Training your horse for hba (part 1), competition write-ups

PS4: The Avars (and Bulgars), Commitatus - recreating the 4thC Roman cavalry, review of the Arcus bow, 2-fletched arrows, Training your horse for hba (part2), competition and course write-ups, 

PS5: The Sassanid Empire, the Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah, the Roots of Arabic mounted archery, WHAF, How to make a Korean Quiver, Posture and saddle choice in improving your accuracy, competition write-ups


The history of horseback archery in Britain


Technical stuff on Dan Sawyer's horseback archery blog:

Bow mechanics - energy storage, the string (parts 1 and 2)

Choosing your arrows - arrow speed and massarrow spine & the archer' paradox, arrow spine (determining factors)

Tuning your arrows and bow


BHAA constitution and rules

General rules of competition

Rules specific to the Korean and Hungarian disciplines, and for Qabaq in competition

Rules for grading

Rules specific to Qabaq grading 

AGM minutes: Feb'12, Feb'13