The sport of horseback archery is open to all. No previous riding or archery experience is necessary, though it is preferable to get a good grounding in both before attempting to put the two together. You do not need to own your own horse, though we are happy to assist those members who own a horse to train it up for mounted archery.


The BHAA maintains a list of affiliated schools and clubs.


 If you do not have a group near you, then it’s still possible to get started in horseback archery:



Initially people will tend to learn the Korean style of horseback archery, and the Hungarian style as they become more experienced. A guide to different disciplines is found here.


The sport of horseback archery is relatively new to this country and although increasing in popularity we are still a small group of people and the BHAA is lucky that experienced members are keen to advise and encourage beginners at training events and competitions. We do our best to provide events for those of all abilities and when members are suitably experienced we can help introduce them to international competition.


Membership is available for active (riding) members and supporting (non-riding) members; with concessions for juniors and families.