The BHAA uses two qualification systems, the first is the International IHAA grading system, which the BHAA administer in the UK. The second (outlined below) are the new UK specific BHAA qualifications. These have been developed by the BHAA in partnership with EQL, an independent body that runs the British Horse Society qualifications, and are tailored to UK horseback archers.

BHAA Qualifications

The new BHAA qualifications require a rounded skill set, including safety, correct techniques and a knowledge of archery, equestrianism and the wider sport of horseback archery.

There are 3 basic types of qualification: horseback archery ability, coaching and safety/refereeing. There are 2 coaching levels and 3 practical levels, including 2 that are available at walk for young or disabled riders.

A 450 page manual to accompany the qualifications has just been published and is available to buy

The system is split into four syllabuses, A to D;


Syllabus A                                (Syllabus A notes for assessors) 

Syllabus B

Syllabus C

Syllabus D


Syllabus summary chart


View a list of current qualification holders.


Those wishing to start a qualification should apply for a logbook by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (which will be emailed as a PDF to be printed out at home). 

If you are ready you can use the online application form to apply for qualifications.



Club horseback archer

£20 / £10 for concessions (junior, student, disabled)

Intermediate horseback archer


Club coach


Advanced horseback archer


Advanced coach


Pin badge for any of the above

£5  (plus postage if required)


Within 2 years of getting a qualification you may convert it to the other qualification based on the same syllabus (i.e. coaching / practical) for just £10. E.g. an intermediate horseback archer who completes the necessary coaching training need only pay £10 to get his club coach (within 2 years of getting his intermediate hba) rather than the full fee of £45.


Range safety officer (ground)


Range safety officer (mounted)


Pin badge


BHAA referee

TBC  (BHAA membership not required)


We appreciate the generosity with which friends and family give their time to help run BHAA events. Therefore there is no cost for taking these ancillary qualifications.

Please note that referees and organisers only need to be non-riding members to fulfil those roles.  If they are going to be shooting or riding then full membership is required.