BHAA Championships  (3-4th Aug)


First event of the championships was the Mamluk event run over a 150m course. The targets were 1. close ground shot with bonus for a Jarmaki shot (which about half of competitors attempted), 2. forward shot, 3. backwards shot, 4. offside shot, 5. 15m perpendicular shot; and we each had 3 runs.
Well Adam has got the Jarmaki shot off to a tee and left everyone eating his dust both in terms of point scoring and with his speedy runs on Smokie a little Andalucian x New Forest gelding. Congrats Adam! 


1. Adam (Smokie) 44
2. Mike (Oscar) 29.75
3. Zana (Niagara) 28.52


Second event, held on the Saturday afternoon, was the Hungarian event; using the old style Kassai course set up with 3 targets and 3 zones. The weather was sub-optimal for this event with torrential rain (and even some hail) during group 1 (of 3) despite clear blue skies as we all went out to the track without jackets, and we had to then take a pause to allow everyone to dry out (indeed I think it may take several days for Julie's treeless saddle to dry out...)
Well the tactics in this event were varied - we saw some running the course steadily and getting off 3 or 4 arrows every run, some running the course very fast and shooting just the middle target, and yours truly running the course very fast and loosing 3 arrows (which was great fun but it turns out not the best way of accumulating points in this event!)
Mike Ashington, who came 3rd in this event, shot his 70lb longbow. Nice one Mike


1. Dan (Todo) 55.22
2. Jon (Oscar) 33.86
3. Mike (Oscar) 20.21


Sunday morning saw us tackle the Korean event with 2 runs at single then 2 runs at double, for each of the 3 groups, then after a pause to alter the track and move timing gates and targets, 2 runs at a 150m 5-shot course.
I was off to a quick start with even Dan unable to catch my single shot result. Newest member of the BHAA Michael shot accurately and consistently and won the double shot. The serial shot, of course, is the crux of the Korean event with 60% of the total points up for grabs. And in these 2 runs this event was both lost and won. Dan and Damian put in some accurate and consistent shooting. To his credit Damian's warmblood mare Akina ran beautifully through this whole event. Dan happened to be the one to take the last run of the competition and there was a roar of applause when he hit all 5 targets and in doing so won the event! 

Single shot: 
1. Claire (Niagara) 16.3
2. Dan (Todo) 15.5
3. Mike (Oscar) 11.68

Double shot:
1. Michael (Jupiter) 11.55
2. Himmat (Oscar) 8.77
3. Mike (Oscar) 8.06

Five shot: 
1. Dan (Todo) 36.17
2. Damian (Akina) 28.91
3. Mike (Oscar) 22.44

Korean event:
1. Dan (Todo) 57.5
2. Damian (Akina) 46.92
3. Mike (Oscar) 42.18


Many thanks to Michele our wonderful ref who again has given up a weekend of her time. Thanks to Karl and Zana and the grooms of the Centre of Horseback Combat for immaculately turned out and very well behaved horses. And thanks of course all the competitors who all helped to run the competition while they weren’t in actually in the saddle.