The IHAA will be running the wGP again as a worldwide postal match for 2021 and the teams representing Great Britain are as follows:

Senior GB Team
Simon Harding
Michael Ruby
Becca Sweetman
Claire Sawyer
Katie Keighly
Emily Massey
Paul Naybour
Nick White
Kathryn Wakeman

Young Rider & Juniors GB Team
Éowyn Barnes-Short
Blaise White
Tilly Shaw
Oli Secker
Katherine Robinson Park
Eve Batty
Charlie Sawyer
Reade Commins

GB iHBA Team
Ros Jones
Nic West
Ella Wadsworth-Day
John Goodwin
Tracey Attfield

This year the competition will be open for individual entries as well as the teams for each country. There are three stages running throughout the year and anyone can participate in one or all of them. An entry form can be found here, you will need to have entered and paid the fee at least a week before you intend to compete. A form to return your scores can be found here.

We encourage as many members as possible to enter, below is a video of last year’s competition for some inspiration! Any questions, please get in touch.