Introducing the current members of the BHAA Committee.....


President and IHAA Representative - Dan Sawyer

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Dan continues at the helm of BHAA committee in his 7th year as either Chairman or President. He came to the BHAA first as a barebow archer and history enthusiast, and knows the sport of horseback archery inside out having been competing internationally since 2010. His holds the Order of World Horseback Archery from Korea, is a fully qualified WHAF referee and gave a lecture at the 2013 World Horseback Archery Federation symposium discussing the history of horseback archery in the UK. 

Dan is a barrister and the BHAA and IHAA have appreciated his attention to fine detail in wording such things as rules and constitutions. Dan has enjoyed coaching sports since his time at Cambridge University, and he wrote much of the content of the BHAA’s manual (all the sections on archery technique, equipment and physics). He has coached injured veterans up at HorseBack UK in Aberdeenshire for the last 2 years. Dan is the BHAA’s representative to the IHAA and has represented the BHAA in discussions with various external organisations.


Secretary - Tracey Attfield and Kirsty Holland

 2017 traceybobKirsty

This year the post of secretary is being shared between Tracey and Kirsty who both came to horseback archery from a riding background, starting out with South Downs Horse Archers in the autumn of 2016 and both competing on the GB development team against GB and Ireland in May ’17. Within their remit as secretaries is PR and Media.

Tracey has previously competed to a high level in Endurance and has 3 horses now, all of whom do horseback archery. Her old horse Fred is a perfect example of how valuable hba can be as a potential new career for a horse that has retired from another equestrian discipline - he is really loving his new job! Tracey is very organised and has scouted several new venues where she has arranged extra training sessions for SDHA riders.

Kirsty owns a super pony Jazz whom she often rides bitless and together they turn their hand to most things. Kirsty trained with AMM in Poland last spring and both she and SDHA were sponsored last season by her employer Feefo.


Treasurer and Membership Secretary - Michael Ruby

 2017 michaelauntie

Michael has been membership secretary and treasurer for a number of years and the BHAA has continues to appreciate his experience and steadying hand within the committee and at AGMs.
Michael comes to horseback archery both as a rider and archer, and has a horse on loan at present.
Michael has trained and competed internationally for many years, and this year won the National Championships in a very fast moving and accurate display of horseback archery!


Website - Richard Rowland and Helen Barnes

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Richard joined the BHAA in 2009 through his interest in traditional archery. He is in the business of website design and hosting and he is responsible for this aspect of our website.

Helen first tried horseback archery while living in France, before she, her family and their horses moved back to the UK and she sought out a means to continue hba here. She has brought a great energy to the BHAA, particularly for the spread of our sport at a local level. Helen started the first BHAA club – Cotteswold Mounted Archers in Gloucestershire. The club now has several groups within it and training happens every week or 2 across a couple of venues. Helen is a teacher as her profession and has contributed greatly to the BHAA’s manual as a very effective sub-editor. She is a BHAA Advanced coach and she helped to write the content and exams for the BHAA’s coaching assessment modules. She is in charge of the website content as well as running the IHAA grading system for the UK and she runs the BHAA’s Twitter account; @bhaatweets 


Competitions Coordinator - Adam Snowball


Adam came to horseback archery as a novice in both fields. He was on the development team at the first International match we hosted (against Sweden in 2013) and has gone on to compete in the European Grand Prix, World Championships and will ride at the Al Faris competition in Jordan this spring.
Adam loves speed, he doesn’t own his own horse, and so is always pleased to have to opportunity to hire horses that enjoy a good gallop. As he was in the computer business Adam, over the years he became the person in charge of keeping scores at competitions. This year he is taking over the role of co-ordinating all the hba competitions in the UK – from local matches to the national championships.

Vik Harding will assist Adam with competitions. Vik has been involved in the world of horses, with Riding for the Disabled, Pony Club and with the BHS, all her life and has a long history of organising training events and competitions. Simon, Vik’s son, was the 2016 National Champion and is a BHAA Advanced Coach and is our main assessor.


Sponsorship - Emma Cherrington


Emma  started horseback archery last year with Cotteswold Mounted Archers. Emma was a rider and quickly got to grips with the archery aspect of our sport. She is very focussed and keen to get on the ladder with GB development.

Emma took over Sponsorship last autumn and quickly got to grips with the role; not only getting some much valued sponsorship for the National Championships, but also building some excellent relations with companies associated with aspects of our sport.



Development Officer - Claire Sawyer

2016 nationals23

Claire first learned horseback archery in 2009 from Neil Payne who had set up the BHAA the previous year. She came to the sport with a long but intermittent history of riding and a year of target archery under her belt. She was completely addicted and threw herself into BHAA committee jobs and competition organising with enthusiasm. 

9 years later she juggles working as a veterinary surgeon, family life (2 small boys), dog and now a share pony too, who loves hba as much as she does! She has gained friends and had amazing experiences all over the world from this sport 

With others, over the years, she has set up the International Horseback Archery Alliance, the IHAA grading system and postal matches, put together the BHAA Manual (on the practice, theory and history of horseback archery), set up a tiered system of practical and coaching qualifications for hba, and been involved in the development of the BHAA International Series and the European Grand Prix competition. 

For Claire, the most important part is the people, the fun they have with their horses, and the belief they gain in themselves - she sees this in her local club members, and the wounded servicemen she and her husband have taught at HorseBack UK in Aberdeenshire. That's why she's passionate to help more BHAA affiliated clubs and schools get started so that horseback archery can  truly be spread around the UK, and she hopes to work on improving the inclusion of disabled horseback archers too.