New Leaf Triangle Goadby Marwood, Melton Mowbray
The BHAA Championships is the BHAA’s annual competition which has been running since 2010 and is effectively the UK’s horseback archery national championships. We encourage as many members to participate as possible – those who have competed at the European Open and World Championships down to competent beginners. If oversubscribed, places will be offered based on applicants’ BHAA qualifications and IHAA grade. Horseback archery is a young sport in the UK and we want to include people of all abilities, including iHBA riders. The emphasis is very much on the pleasure of participation and celebrating our sport. Unfortunately the 2020 Championships had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 but they were run again in August 2021 in Leicestershire, and will be held at the same venue in 2022.

Coaches training camp

The Knights of Middle England and KOME Entertainment Guys Cliffe, Coventry Road,, Warwick
Coach: Simon Harding, Advanced Coach Training camp for those interested in their Club Coach or Intermediate Coach qualification.  The group will include a mix of more experienced coaches who are aiming for their Intermediate qualification and a group of those who are interested in becoming a coach, who will use it as a part of their training, with the potential for those that are ready being signed off as a Club Coach. The BHAA would like to extend considerable thanks to the Knights of Middle England for their support in providing the facilities and horses for this training camp. If you haven’t already done so, please contact Becca ( before signing up to confirm there are still spaces available.
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