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Scottish Borders Horseback Archers

[BHAA affiliated club]

Location:  near Jedburgh, Scottish Borders.

Active members: 7 (including junior)

Established: March 2018

Training:  Once a month sessions for the majority of the year. Indoor ground archery sessions once a week from December to February, (during the winter the horses take a break and the access with horse trailers can be compromised due to inclement weather.) Mounted archery sessions approx once a month May to October. Indoor and outdoor facilities at the clubs base. We are a very new club and we have more experience in live Horseback Archery shows than competition but we do plan to run BHAA and IHAA postal matches in the future. Members can try for their IHAA grades and study for BHAA qualifications. We plan to bring experienced coaches in for clinics and we have future ambitions to host HBA competitions.

New members: The club welcomes any new members.

Beginners?  The club can teach beginners all year round with indoor mounted and indoor ground archery.

Do I need my own horse?:  Horses can be hired from Les Amis d’Onno stunt team, organised via the “Scottish Borders Horseback archers” club contact us for more details, all horses are trained for live shows and Horseback archery. You can also bring your own horses, training and advice on HBA use offered.

Head coach:  Bethany Martin (BHAA club Coach)

Other coaching expertise in the club:  Bob Emmerson studying for (BHAA Club Coach) B.Martin Level 1 Centred riding instructor.

Held within the club:  First Aid certificate - yes Safegarding -studying stage

Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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