Now in its second edition, this BHAA manual accompanies the BHAA qualifications syllabus; both for horseback archers and for coaches. The manual is suited to anyone with an interest in horseback archery; whatever your level of experience. It covers each aspect of the sport: riding, archery, specific techniques and training suggestions for mounted archery, as well as rules and tactics for competition. Including over 100 pages of colour photographs and illustrations; with demonstration of techniques by experts. Step by step instructions on topics from training your horse to making and fine tuning your equipment. Discussion of the mechanics of bows and arrows, and archers' anatomy, explain how to optimise your performance and avoid injury. Articles on the history of horseback archery, plus 27 key horseback archery battles, bring the modern sport into a historic context.


The BHAA Manual can be purchased direct from Blurb (where it is available as softback, hardback or PDF) or softbacks are available from Quicks Archery