A few years ago the BHAA  hit upon the idea of having a series of small international matches - a visiting team of four against a Great Britain four. The idea continued to grow and the 4 Brits became 8 - the first team to be the best 4 people we could field and a development team where the priority would be given to bringing on competitors who had not yet had the chance to compete internationally being mentored by team-mates with greater experience. In this way we hoped to enable people to meet foreign horse archers, to learn new techniques and make new friends, and ultimately to gain the experience and confidence to travel with their horseback archery and compete abroad in the future. 


The match for 2017 was against Ireland and took place at Old Mill Stables in Cornwall. As this year has seen a sharp rise in the number of people learning horseback archery, we ended up with five on the GB Development team as we just couldn't narrow it down further. The results were of course adjusted to take this into account, as they were to make up for the Irish team being one short.


After a very long journey to Cornwall for some of us, the teams were up bright and early for a competitor's briefing followed by horse tryouts. Luckily our competition organiser was on hand to provide tea and bacon sandwiches. Once everyone had decided they were happy with their mounts, it was on to the competition.


The Hungarian event was first and the GB A team finished the day with a commanding lead. Once the day's competition was done, we filled a bit of time with assessments for some aspiring new Club Coaches and some practical tests for a group looking to complete their Intermediate Horseback Archer qualification. After all that hard work, it was time to retire to the pub down the road for dinner.


 Sunday morning was the Korean event, and this was a much more close run thing, with the Irish team not far behind the GB A team. Then in the afternoon we had the Mamluk competition, which saw the dvelopment team narrowly beat the Irish to claim second place. This tricky course is always very popular with competitors. Finally there was just the prize giving to be done, wth everyone who took part receiving a beautiful engraved trophy from our sponsor, Classy Glass and Awards. A great weekend of competition with some great people. We are already looking forward to the next one!



    Hungarian Korean Mamluk Rank

Dimitrios Christou

Martin Ebbs

Ele Fox - Bekerman

Amy O'Connor

183.95 117.13 47.37 1

Adele Connor

Siobhan Manning

Andrew O'Donnghaile

104.18 100.57 32.81 2

Tracey Attfield

Alex Austin

Gemma Gray

Kirsty Holland

Peter Rudin - Burgess

98.95 70.98 33.37 3