The BHAA has cover in place to cover BHAA clubs, BHAA coaches and BHAA events. Unfortunately, at the moment it doesn't provide cover for individual BHAA members outside of this. More details are provided below.


Travelling outside of the UK for Horseback archery? The BHAA has teamed up with SportsCover Direct who offer activity cover while abroad, including horseback archery. The offer a variety of packages, including the option of taking out cover even if you've already left the UK on your visit.


Third party insurance for BHAA sessions

The BHAA is insured for up to 50 sessions per year.  This number can be revisited when the policy is renewed annually.

The intention is to share these fairly between affiliated clubs (affiliated schools must use their own insurance cover). The BHAA will pay half of the £10 fee per session but each club wil be expected to pay the other £5 for every session they run.

Once the 50 sessions have been used additional ones may be added at £10 per session (not linked to participation numbers). The BHAA will pay the extra amount centrally but will recover the £10 per session from the clubs using the extra sessions.

All clubs are therefore required to keep a record of all sessions held and report them to the BHAA.  Once the 50 subsidised sessions have been used up, each club will be responsible for paying the BHAA £10 per session held.


Insurance cover for BHAA coaches

In 2019 the BHAA will cover the cost of insuring coaches of BHAA affiliated clubs.

Depending on association finances in the future there is a possibility that this charge may be passed on at a cost of £40 per coach (which is the amount charged by the insurers). It will be discussed at the AGM each year for the following year.

All BHAA coaches must confirm with the association whether or not they intend to do any coaching during the year, so that they can be added to the insurance.  Coaches must not coach until they have been added to the insurance.