Let us know if you are interested in attending BHAA Summer Events.

Expressions of interest. This year we have an exciting programme of summer events: Junior Summer training Camp Junior Championship Festival of Horseback Archery Senior Championship We are trying to get an understanding of the demand for these events. If you are interested in attending any of these events please vote in the poll below (by the way this is not a formal registration, it’s just to help us gauge the interest). Also you can now pay for the events in three monthly instalments. Please let Pay for BHAA events in instalments You can now pay for the summer BHAA events In three monthly instalments. These events are open to all and are a great opportunity to meet people from other clubs. Develop new skills and test your skills on full-size tracks. You don’t need to be a fantastic archer to compete, and this year we are including inclusive horseback archery classes in both the Junior and Senior Championships.

BHAA launches an exciting events programme for 2022

The BHAA is pleased to announce our largest ever programme of events. We have tried to include something for everyone. This year’s events are all based at New Leaf Triangle, and we are extremely grateful to Troy Shaw and his team for hosting the BHAA. The events are now open for booking on the BHAA website and below is a summary of the dates and events. FAQs

Order Logbooks

Coaches can order logbooks for members. They are free of charge, but cost the BHAA about £5 each plus postage, so please only order the ones you need....

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BHAA Grant Application form

As part of our work to support the growth of horseback archery across the UK, we’re pleased to be able to offer 3 different types of grant funding. If you’d like to apply for 2022 then please do read on for more information and complete this form. Although we do consider applications on a rolling basis at each Board meeting, there is only so much available each year, so I’d encourage you to get your application in early! Youth grantWith thanks to generous benefactors the BHAA has a fund to support those under the age of 30 to continue their development in the sport. It is designed to support travel, training and competition expenses, however we will also consider other requests on a case by case basis. Grants are typically £100-200. Club startup grantNew BHAA Clubs are eligible to apply for a starter pack of targets, bows and arrows. We typically require the Club to have 7 members in order to qualify, however we will consider each application on a case by case basis. The starter pack is worth ~£450. Coaches grantFollowing on from the 2021 AGM we’ve allocated £2k to new coaches training and £1k to existing coaches training in 2022. Some of this will be used for BHAA organised training camps and there is also the opportunity for individuals to apply with other requests. OtherIf you have a request that doesn’t fall into the 3 categories above, but you believe would help the BHAA to further its objective to grow...

This content is for Full riding membership, Junior, students or those with a disability., Supporter, ie non-riding membership, and 1 week trial membership members only.
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Six Reasons to Renew Your BHAA Membership

The time to renew your BHAA membership is fast approaching on the 1st of April. Here are six reasons why you should renew: Reason 1: Insurance As of the 1st April 2021, BHAA membership includes Personal Liability insurance up to £2m. This cover is for both ground and mounted training. The full conditions are on the BHAA Insurance page; make sure you understand the conditions that apply to this insurance. This is a huge benefit to members, the peace of mind from knowing that you are insured to participate in horseback archery. Reason 2: Local Clubs The BHAA supports a network of local clubs. The local clubs are the backbone of the BHAA, supporting new and existing members with local training, summer camps, regional competitions and social events. The clubs in this network all work as part of the BHAA family to promote and encourage participation. To join a local club, you also need to be a member of the BHAA. Reason 3: National and local events This year the BHAA has extended the range of events we offer members. Including national and local events. These include the Junior and Senior National Championships, a festival of Horseback Archery and training for new and existing coaches. Reason 4: Qualifications To raise and maintain the standards of Horseback Archery and ensure it continues to be a safe sport, the BHAA has developed a range of qualifications. From the basics of club horseback archer to advanced coach, these qualifications mean we can all …

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European Grand Prix teams 2022

We’re delighted to announce the GB Team that we will be sending to the 3 stages of the IHAA European Grand Prix Series (Grunwald, Poland late April/early May, Kayseri, Turkey in June and Gauchoux, France in August). Congratulations to the following people who have been selected following a record number of applications: – Grunwald, 30th April -3rd May: Nick White, Ross Baugh, Oli Secker and Éowyn Barnes-Short, all members of the Cotteswold Mounted Archers – Kayseri, 16-19th June: Claire Sawyer (South Downs Horse Archers), Emily Massey (Ribble Valley Mounted Archers), Troy Shaw (New Leaf Triangle) and Cora Moore – Gauchoux, 26-28th Aug: Michael Ruby (Cotteswold Mounted Archers), Dan Sawyer, Becca Sweetman (London Horse Archers) and Ros Jones (Cotteswold Mounted Archers) Some of these riders first represented GB in the IHAA World Grand Prix Series and we’re very excited for them that normal competitions have resumed and they can enjoy competing in person alongside the other national teams. We wish the team all the best for their training and we look forward to sharing photos and updates on their progress at the competitions.

How to Join or Renew my Membership on the New BHAA website

We have updated the BHAA website, we hope you like the new design. It’s much easier to use and offers more features, such as event booking and a members’ download area. Below are some instructions on how to register and renew your membership. The old Club Buzz usernames and passwords will not work with this new site. Existing members will need to re-join from scratch and create a new account using the instructions below. We decided that it should be best to start with fresh data from scratch so if you have previously been a member you will need to re-join the BHAA. It is very easy; just complete the following steps: Step 1: Click on Join Now, even if you are already a member, or follow this link Step 2: Select your membership level: Step 3: Complete the registration form, including: The member’s details, name, e-mail and password Your club, for example Cotteswold Mounted Archers, if you are currently a club member. If you’re not a club member you can leave this blank. The billing details, i.e. who is paying for the membership Payment card details. These are processed securely by our payment processor Stripe. Your membership lasts 12 months from the date you join and should automatically renew next year. Membership FAQs

BHAA RSO & Referee Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in studying for the BHAA’s Range Safety Officer or Referee qualifications.  Range  Safety  Officers  are  important  to  support  the  safe  and  efficient  running  of  ground  archery  and  mounted archery sessions; through both considered preparation of a safe shooting area to dynamic assessments of the local environment  and  ground  conditions,  monitoring  and  anticipating  the  behaviour  of  archers,  horses  and  any  other individuals in the vicinity of the range.  BHAA qualified Referees have all the responsibilities of an RSO but in addition must have a sound knowledge of the  IHAA  rules:  both  of  the  theory  and  their  fair  application.  Referees  must  understand  the  detail  of  all  tasks involved  in  the  running  of  a  competition  and  be  able  to  the  run  an  efficient  competition  that  is  fun  and  fair  for participants, interesting for spectators and safe for everyone. ...

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BHAA Advanced Coach Qualification

Thank you for your interest in studying for the Advanced Coach qualification. This qualification will allow you to teach  all  shots  and  tracks.  It  is  ideal  for  those  coaches  who  wish  to  make  horseback  archery  tuition  their profession and those who coach in a voluntary capacity and aspire to pursue their horseback archery teaching to the highest level. Coaches of this calibre may be involved in the long term strategic planning of athlete and squad  development  within  regional  or  national  teams;  mentoring  and  guiding  in  overall  athlete  health  (good  nutrition, cross-training, injury avoidance or recovery), mental preparation and fine-tuning performance for a specific event.  Objective:  These candidates must demonstrate detailed knowledge and advanced practical ability in horseback archery and the  associated  fields  of  archery,  riding  and  horsemanship;  insofar  as  they  pertain  to  the  skills  required  of  a horseback  archer.  They  have  also  demonstrated  an  ability  to  critically  assess  safety  and  good  coaching  and mentoring skills. ...

This content is for Full riding membership, Junior, students or those with a disability., Supporter, ie non-riding membership, and 1 week trial membership members only.
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