Fancy learning horseback archery? Or are you already practising? We were established to help develop and promote the sport within the UK. Through national clubs, training events, competitions and demonstrations we are here to help make this honourable and thrilling sport accessible to all.

Horseback archery traditionally and historically originates from the people of the Steppe region, i.e. Mongols, Partians, Turks, Sythians, Sarmatians and Huns. The military art later turned into an equestrian sport but was only really practised by a handful of people in countries such as Korea and Japan where their traditions lived on. In Europe the sport was brought to life by the Hungarian, Kassia Lajos. As a result of his dedication to the sport it has become popular in many countries including Hungary, Germany, Poland, France, Greece and Sweden.

The BHAA is dedicated to helping people learn the sport, establishing clubs across the UK, offering guidance on H&S issues, organising and overseeing competitions and helping send teams to represent the UK to international competitions.  We seek to develop the discipline so that people can start to taste the sweetness its pratice brings to one's life. We embrace all styles of mounted archery, whether Hungo-Germanic, Japanese (Yabusame), Korean or anything else. If you can release an arrow from a horse, you're in!

Depending on the style of horseback archery you want to learn we can direct you to your nearest club. As well as offering sign-posts to clubs we hold regular national training events and competitions.